About us

We are venture partners
 We help to build, innovate & grow ventures of global relevance

IMark Global incubates and promotes internet and technology companies globally, providing operational support and help to scale internationally. Over the past Several years, we have been building and investing in businesses in various countries around the globe. 

What is Venture Development?

Venture Development is a new model for the creation and nurturing of scalable ventures. We work together with entrepreneurs, We identify opportunities to create ventures, then become long-term partners to dramatically increase the success of the venture. We bring our expertise in ideation, creation, developing the management team, sourcing or developing the technology, setting up the operations & marketing and take it to the market. In Venture Development, one looks at building a company as a puzzle, where one finds and assembles individual components, crafts a design, then brings those components together in just the right way to make a successful venture.

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Core to our vision is the creation of vibrant communities of interest that build value across the whole supply chain. Our solutions are focused on the next level of innovation to support governments and businesses to foster economic growth, create employment and enhance the life of people.