Venture Development is a new model for the creation and cultivation of scalable ventures. Rather than focusing on deploying capital, like a venture capital fund, or accelerating and incubating a company to help entrepreneurs or a consulting firm, venture development firms identify opportunities to create ventures and then become long-term partners to dramatically increase the odds of success of the venture. IMark has invested in various technologies, products & platforms internally and externally. Acting as a Venture partner, IMark creates new ventures which will have a global growth potential.

The Imark Model

IMark works with innovative products & technologies which are scalable. While we invest in our own products & services, we also join hands with Innovators & Inventors for helping them to build successful ventures. IMark develops and then drives strategic initiatives and activities within our companies to rapidly create value and drastically increase the probability of success. For example, when considering whether to launch an innovative product /technology or not, IMark’s internal Opportunity Assessment Team engages in an initial competitive landscape and intellectual property review, conducts interviews with potential customers to better understand how the technology will address unmet market needs, conducts a market analysis to evaluate market structure, size and growth prospects, identifies barriers to entry, and outlines a general commercialization path. Only when all of these initial success criteria are favorable, do we consider commercializing into one of our companies or creating a whole new company around that innovation/technology. This type of careful consideration goes into all of our business development activities, at all stages of the company development.

We don’t just support companies, we know what they need to be successful at various stages of development, and we proactively drive those business development processes.In the early stages of a company’s development, full-time executive level business management may not bepractical or affordable. Instead, IMark recruits industry-specific experts to work closely with its executive team in an advisory capacity and provides its management services on an as-needed basis so that human resources are used efficiently and cost-effectively. The cost of having a highly experienced team is spread across a number of companies ensuring that cash burn is minimized in all the companies. This model provides our young companies exceptional management teams that would otherwise be unaffordable. As a given portfolio company matures, and products begin to emerge from the research and development phase to the commercialization phase, permanent management with industry-specific experience is placed full-time into the given portfolio company.