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IMark Global incubates and promotes internet and technology companies globally by providing them with business, operations, and technical support. Over the past several years, we have been building and investing in businesses in various countries around the globe. We turn disruptive ideas into solid business models and bring together the right expertise and develop the idea into a successful venture. We bring together all puzzles from business strategy, development of tech, design, sales, strategic advice, people and talent, product management, operations, R&D, go to market, marketing and branding, legal, talent, finance etc.

We generally partner with entrepreneurs, governments or private or public establishments who seek to enter into a new domain or to start a new subsidiary. In order to give newly founded businesses a kickstart, we have gathered a global pool of specialists at IMark.  We have a global talent pool of experts in design, innovation, technology, marketing, HR, finances, operations, strategy, law etc. Together we support the young companies especially in the beginning and step in wherever teams are still incomplete. Moreover, they accompany our ventures throughout their further growth process, set benchmarks and keep checks on those benchmarks; this way, we ensure a challenging, yet supportive environment.


Venture Components

Ideation- This can be built around the specific research-based intellectual property, market demand or an economic or consumer pain point. The point is that there needs to be some central thesis. This includes business model creation, market research & analysis.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance-Business Framework creation, IP, Risk management etc.

Investments- IMark helps to raise Funding through various sources including venture capital firms, angel investors & HNIs.

People- There are many ideas that lack the people to implement them. A venture development firm creates an organizational development plan, identifies strong team members and recruits them.

Strategic Partners- For a new venture every relationship needs to be a strategic partnership. And every partner needs to have a vested interest in the long-term success of the venture. The more partners pushing for the success of the venture and the better the partners, the better the odds of success.

Customers-Without customers, you are just playing house. The venture development firm works to identify, understand and solicit customers in a manner that allows for both early success and scalability. Furthermore, the venture developer turns customers into strategic partners.

Suppliers- Depending on the venture, suppliers can be a key stakeholder. The new venture is their customer. If they believe they are creating an important new customer, they become important allies.

Planning- Not only does a world-class building need the highest quality materials, it also needs an inspiring, cogent plan. Business planning is the beginning, but resource planning and development are the real keys to success. How does one ensure that each component is maximizing and utilizing its strengths to their fullest?

Long-Term Support-Acceleration is great, but in the real world friction is the constant nemesis of motion. The long-term venture development partner ensures that progress continues over the long term.

Technology & Innovation Partner


Acting as innovation & technology partner, Imark help startups to scout relevant technology from our vast database of startups and innovators, helping them to source technology & innovation components at a lower cost rather than building from scratch which would be a most challenging part of a startup.  Our approach will help early-stage startups to reach the market quickly and cost-effectively.   

We help founders to create innovative startups and act as
their technology partner.
Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

The ultimate goal of Imarktech is to build right thing that solves primary problem and identify product market fit as early as possible by wisely investing time and money.

Technology Migration / Re-engineering

Helping startups to re-engineer and optimize products by assessing existing application, pain areas, and future business goals.

Complete Product Engineering

Comprehensive product engineering services to build, improve and scale product that truly cover entire product life cycle.

Startup / Product Advisory

Offer value-added technology & business consultation to the startups to reduce the risks and increase the chances of success.


Market places
Our Clients We have worked very closely with these clients from various industries 
and have helped them build and grow their start ups.

Startup Lab

Imarktech Startup Lab brings technology and knowledge base solutions to the entrepreneurial community with a specific focus on early-stage companies. At our core, we are entrepreneurs and understand the challenges of launching a startup. We are a seasoned technology and business team of agile and lean technologists, purely focused on execution. We combine our technical expertise with the business acumen that you will not get in a traditional development shop.

We have conceived, built, and launched numerous startups and understand the strategic, operational, and marketing challenges that are necessary to launch a product quickly. We build or scout technology products with business goals in mind. We realize that every penny at the beginning stages is critical and we know how to use limited resources most effectively. We expect that when working with us you are committed to a plan that you can clearly articulate, support, and execute on, given the right tools. Having a realistic and passionate mindset about your venture combined with some level of expertise helps.

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