Our Global Team

IMark is a global company with an integrated network of partners based in key locations around the world.

We are proud of our unique ability to provide the power of global reach through the management of regionally based partners.

Global Collaboration.Open Communication.

Our company culture exemplifies the notion of global collaboration, gathering shared insights from our global teams to deliver solutions based on intimate understanding of regional requirements. This intensifies our ability to bring proven solutions to our clients, adding depth to our expertise and deepening the relationships within our team.

Shine Gopal

CEO Imark Global

Founder IMark Global | Serial Entrepreneur | Market Expert EMEIA

Digital Business Designer & Strategist

Shine is a Serial entrepreneur, Digital innovator, Emerging Market Specialist, Investor & creator of various successful digital businesses. Shine founded IMark in October 2002. As a forward-looking entrepreneur with knowledge and experience beyond his years, Shine is continually searching for the next big idea. Shine devotes much of his time and effort to keeping the Imark family at the forefront of business concepts and fearless imagination. It is, however, his focus on measurable results that have led IMark from strength to strength. He emphasizes the truth that creativity and imaginative thinking are nothing without results; it is this belief that has shaped his business, his career, and his success.

Our Global Team

Shika Shine

Director Administration

Sastri Ramiah

Director Imark South Africa

Abraham Paul Vatakencherry

Director Strategic Alliances

J Parthasarathy

Adviser IT & Technology Parks


Jayraj Thannimangalam

Company Secretary & Chartered Accountant

Shreya Badarinath

Associate Vice President


Dr. Andrew Skadberg

Director of Sustainability