IMark Global Ventures

IMark Ventures partnered with various funding companies, corporate & venture capitalists and we are  predominantly investing in technology, media and telecoms companies.  IMark seeks to partner with entrepreneurs and management teams and invest in businesses with substantial potential for growth

Our existing portfolio consists of companies in the technology, internet, healthcare, entertainment and media space. These investments are managed by a dedicated team of professionals located in India.

Our Strategy
We are stage agnostic and will invest in early stage (pre-revenue) to late stage companies. The deal size typically ranges from US $.5 million to US $20 million with ability to participate in follow-on financing. We participate in both lead and co-lead roles during the investment process. All our investments are scalable across international markets and leverage IMark’s Global’s operating resources to drive superior investment returns.

Our Value Proposition
At IMark Global Ventures we introduce all of our portfolio companies through an established on-boarding process into our core operations. A dedicated executive venture support in India helps expedite introductions, setup proof of concepts, perform market tests, purchase orders and other such facilities as needed to make the portfolio company successful.

Our Focus


  • Infrastructure and Communications
  • Consumer Experience
  • Media
  • Content Delivery and Management
  • Customer Management
  • AI / Robotech
  • Fintech
  • Health Technologies
  • Distribution
  • Emerging markets; technology agnostic

Industry Focus

Young companies that show economic and technological synergies with the business units of IMark Global and additionally promise above average growth potential.


Relevant Markets

We are developing projects in the areas including IT, Health & Wellness, E-education, Media, Trading, Online Services, ecommerce and (mobile) Internet.


Management Qualities

Our team is having Entrepreneurial spirit, engagement and leadership qualities.


A competitive Advantage

Technologies, products or services with a clear differentiation which leads to uniqueness in the market.


Criterion for Financing

Company market prospects assessed as above average growth and return potential and a scalable business model & monetization concept.


Investment Size

A minimum of  10000 USD  to a maximum of USD 10 million.



Start up and early expansion phases. Targeted sale of the stake / participation after 5 to 7 years. Co-investments with tier 1 VCs.


Financial Structure

An existing solid financial base and a transparent financial structure.


Regional Emphasis

Africa, Europe, USA, and India.


Return for the Investor

Prospect of an above average return on investment.