What is Venture Development?

Venture Development is a new model for the creation and cultivation of scalable ventures. Rather than focusing on deploying capital, like a venture capital fund, or accelerating and incubating a company to help entrepreneurs, or a consulting firm, venture development firms identify opportunities to create ventures, then become long-term partners to dramatically increase the odds of success of the venture.

Connecting the dots…

In Venture Development, one looks at building a company as a puzzle, where one finds and assembles individual components, crafts a design, then brings those components together in just the right way to make a successful venture.

We work with Governments, Public & Private companies to develop viable and sustainable ventures:


IT Parks

Innovation & Incubation Centres

R&D Centres


Film Cities

Satellite Channels

Production Houses

Sports & Fitness

Fitness Parks

Stadiums & Sports Facilities

Wellness Resorts


Knowledge Parks

Management Colleges

International Schools

Media Schools


Online Enterprises

IoT, AI & Electronic Industries

Social Enterprise

Cooperative Societies

Ethical Farming Societies

Community Development Initiatives


Power & Energy

Solar – Farms