Have you ever, in a moment of frustration, wondered why one culture does things this way while another culture does things that way? Have you ever wondered how much time and money intercultural difficulties could be costing you?

Don’t let cultural misunderstanding get in the way of your success!

Our training courses whether delivered in person or online, explain cultural differences in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply-to-work manner. We teach you what you need to know to make your job easier across cultures, right now. This knowledge will help you to work and communicate more effectively with your employees, your leaders and your customers from different cultural backgrounds, around the world, regardless of where you are. Whether in the public or private sector, those who have learned to understand and manage cultural differences create opportunities for synergy and success internationally, building relationships, getting things done right, saving time and saving money. That’s what we’re all about!

Our model structures our training flow so that all participants immediately grasp how to deal with cross-cultural differences. Through coaching they understand what they can do, right now, to be more effective at communicating across cultures and how to avoid blaming another culture for “not communicating clearly”. Following this model moves participants away from an “us/them” perspective towards a “we” perspective, away from the blame game and towards collaboration. And that’s the first step towards cross-cultural effectiveness. That’s the first step to saving time and money. That’s the first step to a better return on investment. That’s the first step to success!

A one-day, interactive, classroom training session covering international business and cultural differences using our 4-Step model to cover topics such as:

What cultural concept is most important for me to apply today to work effectively, saving time and money across cultures?

Hierarchy and how to work with it, or without it, to get results fast
Individualism and Collectivism and its impact on team dynamics, promotion and hiring
Uncertainty Avoidance and how this can affect your team’s ability to “think outside the box”, and make decisions quickly
Body Language across cultures and the importance of starting the business relationship out on the right foot
Basic assumptions about how work should be done in different areas of the world
Timeliness, punctuality, respect and titles – when they’re important and why they’re important
Direct language vs diplomatic language – what will get you the results you need right now?
Coaching – Cross Cultural Effectiveness Coaching
We use our 4-step model to ensure you get the most focused, on-strategy approach to cross cultural coaching when you need it. If you have a problem, we’ve probably heard of a similar situation or been in it ourselves. Let’s talk!
Benefit from our experience and avoid costly mistakes. We will do an initial assessment to determine your current state and where you are experiencing frustration or feel you’re not making an impact. Based on that assessment we will create a gap analysis and custom design a coaching strategy with flexible timing, approach and content. Let us know what you need! We’ll work together to figure it out and help you find a solution that works for you!

Upon completion of our training courses, participants will be able to better:
Reduce confusion, misunderstanding and delays due to cultural differences, saving time and money.
Apply different cultural comparisons to further their understanding of teammates, leaders and customers.
Improve communication across teams, divisions, groups, countries
Help build solid work relationships.

Reduce cross cultural frustrations and improve communication efficiency
Remove cultural misunderstandings between employees, leaders and customers
Create greater awareness of interpersonal needs of key stakeholders in new and emerging markets to learn how to make an impact on the business more quickly
Refocus key players on what they have in common – working together to get the job done, regardless of where they are located across the globe
Move away from an “us vs. them” mentality to a “we” mentality when dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds