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We create businesses that change the life of people.



IMark is a Global Venture Development company specialised in emerging and frontier economies, IMark  plays many roles for building new ventures and to create positive impact on people, places and economies. IMark  brings together our full spectrum of expertise, with our creatively diverse team adopting the projects from humble beginnings to established triumphs. Combining the experience of senior professionals from a variety of backgrounds, the firm delivers various solutions to address the needs of governments, public & private organisations. IMark is a perfect knowledge partner for developing ventures in Digital, Education, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Sports, Energy etc.

Marketnext Platform is the global business development platform, assist clients to grow global through b2b meets, networking, incubators & accelerators and relevant online services.

IMark Investments

IMark Global invests in innovative companies with proven track records, We invest in late stage startups and SME’s directly or through or investment partners.

Venture Development

With our deep expertise in various domains, we put the puzzles together to develop ventures like IT Parks, Knowledge Parks, Incubation parks , PPP Models etc.

Innovation Hub

Our hub provides a distribution network of innovations across the world, we have representatives and sales channels in 21 countries with a strong customer network.

IMark Global is Venture Development firm specialised in emerging and frontier economies. We provide solutions to help government, public and private enterprises to make positive impact on people, places and economies.

Core to our vision is the creation of vibrant communities of interest that build value across the whole supply chain. Our solutions are focused on the next level of innovation to support goverments and businesses to foster economic growth, create employments and enhance the life of people.

IMark has extensive experience in various industrial and functional verticals. Our highly experienced teams are a right mix of entrepreneurs, innovators & strategists with strong consulting background.

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Venture Development is a new model for the creation and cultivation of scalable ventures. Rather than focusing on deploying capital, like a venture capital fund, or accelerating and incubating a company to help entrepreneurs, venture development firms identify opportunities to create ventures, Our winning strategy relies on a holistic and flexible approach to development, clustering similar projects and expertise together so that successful techniques can flow freely between ventures.

IMark Global is a Business Eco System helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into viable businesses.









We create the business that change the life of people.

We have been fortunate to work with noteworthy clients from various countries, so far. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, Private companies, Startups and family-owned businesses. Our value proposition goes beyond our capacity to deliver globally competitive services with a local perspective – we understand each sector’s intrinsic business attributes and believe in partnering with our clients, working in their best interests, beyond monetary gain. Our proficient team works relentlessly to find the best possible solutions for our clients, often surpassing their expectations. We worked with clients from USA, Mexico, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Australia, India, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria etc.





Each of our ventures tells a story of collaboration sparked from like minded people coming together. Where conversations spark ideas, that become new projects, which grow into world changing ventures.