IMark Global is a Venture Development company with presence in India, Africa & Europe, We partner with Startups, governments, Investors, public & private companies  to create, invest, scale and grow ventures of global relevance.

We are Venture Developers, we are Entrepreneurs

We are Entrepreneurs, business designers, venture developers, startup enthusiasts and market entry partners.

We are Entrepreneurship…

IMark Global

Our core Areas

We Create Ventures

We are Venture developers, “VenDev” is a model for the creation and cultivation of scalable ventures.

We are Entrepreneurs

We work with you as a partner to launch your new startup or to enter or expand to the new markets.

We are game changers

Ideation, creation scaling up, to new market entries. we are game changers.

IMark Global is a Business Eco-System that helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into viable businesses.

We create business that changes the life of people

We have been fortunate to work with noteworthy clients from various countries. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, private companies, startups and family-owned businesses. Our value proposition goes beyond our capacity to deliver globally competitive services with a local perspective. We understand each sector’s intrinsic business attributes and belief in partnering with our clients, working in their best interests, beyond monetary gain. Our proficient team works relentlessly to find the best possible solutions for our clients, often surpassing their expectations. We worked with clients from USA, Mexico, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Australia, India, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria etc.

Partners for new ventures, new markets & new innovations.
What we can offer you

Venture Development

IMark Global is a Venture Development company with presence in India, Africa & Europe, We partner with governments, Investors, public & private companies and SMEs to create, invest, scale and grow ventures of global relevance, (ie develop a new business vertical, entry to a new market, or creating sustainable partnerships & JVs etc.)
As entrepreneurs, we bring together all puzzles to help businesses to startup, scale & grow globally.

Market Entry Partners

Entrants to a new market often look for alliances, joint ventures or partnerships to maximise the chances of success and minimise risk associated with the new market entry.

IMark Global act as a business partner for assisting foreign companies to expand to India, Africa & Europe. As a venture development company with deep expertize and connections in the EMEAI market, we orchestrate all relevant activities to help our partner companies to enter and expand in the market we operate.


IMark has inception our non for profit organisation Marketnext Foundation, this platform helps companies to connect with markets. Marketnext is a Platform for global entrepreneurship & business development.

With the presence in 14 countries, Marketnext conduct a wide range of activities including webinars, B2B meets, Industrials collaborations and international delegations for the promotions of global trade & investments. Please visit for more information.


Venture Development is a new model for the creation and cultivation of scalable ventures. Rather than focusing on deploying capital, like a venture capital fund or accelerating and incubating a company to help entrepreneurs, venture development firms identify opportunities to create ventures. Our winning strategy relies on a holistic and flexible approach to development, clustering similar projects and expertise together so that successful techniques can flow freely between ventures.

What they say about us

Would definitely recommend MarketNext forum as it has helped our company grow globally by providing support and connecting us with the right kind of customer segment by conducting regular international delegations . Thank you IMARK for creating such a wonderful platform.

Jayaraj Thannimangalam
Founter of

I am very fortunate to get acquainted with Market Next. Market Next is helping me to expand my business to various countries. Keep up the excellent work.

Abraham George
Founder & CEO of Techo Focco

I had attended the Marketnext Event in Durban. Totally blown over,  At Marketnext there were a lot of impressive presentations and the most novel business ideas.  I learned that day that whatever you can think of that is IT related, you will find it in India.

Busi Msimanga
Enterpreneur, South Africa

Connect with us in Linkedin

Connect with us in Linkedin


We are entrepreneurs, business designers, venture developers, startup enthusiasts and market entry partners


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