We are Venture Developers

We are a global venture development company we partner with business and entrepreneurs to create new and innovative ventures. Our multidisciplinary team consists of some of the most experienced venture builders, innovators, strategists, engineers, designers, and growth experts.

What we do

We are  Venture Development company with presence in India, Africa & Europe, We partner with Startups, Governments, Investors, Public & Private companies to Create, Invest, Scale and Grow Ventures of Global Relevance.
Venture development
Venture Development is a new model for the creation and cultivation of scalable ventures.Venture development firms identify opportunities to create ventures, and then become long-term partners to dramatically increase the odds of success of the venture.
Tech + innovation = Techoo
IMark Global’s Open Innovation & technology scouting platform (techoo.org) helps companies to find the latest technologies and innovations from a wide range of innovators, inventors, R&D firms, Universities and more.

Startup Acceleration
IMark accepts teams with innovative ideas and helps them grow by providing access to go to market funding, office space, mentors  and connections to experts in industry, academia and investors; all resources startups might otherwise struggle to find.

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Ventures we Incubated

Where conversations spark ideas, that become new projects, which grow into world-changing ventures.